Reduce Behavioral Counseling by Ditching the Group

Jejak PendidikanThe behavior of ditching deviant behavior is one that is currently done by students in the city schools. As we know, that a lot of factors that affect the occurrence of thisbehavior in the students truant, both internal factors or external factors. To addressthe behavior of the ditching, we must find out the root of the problem or things become factors of occurrence of such behaviour. In guidance and counseling, the efforts to unearth an issue done by interviews conducted by counseling counselor with the konseli. Because this behavior is ditching generally done by more than one evenmany students in a school, then the most suitable services to resolve this issue is group counseling services.

In the execution of counseling groups there is a State which build the atmosphere becomes more active and more friendly, that State is the dynamics of the group. With the group dynamics that students develop themselves and gain a lot of advantages. The advantage was gained by the way students play an active role and get involved in solving the problems that are being discussed in the group. Involvement can be seen from the students ' involvement in providing feedback, input and ideas on issues that are discussed. Thus in the counseling group created by the interaction between students who are one with the other students.

As revealed by Prayitno (1995:148), concerning the group dynamics that are presentin a counseling group indirectly train students to have the skills to communicate actively, bertenggang taste with other students, giving and receiving opinions from other students, tolerant, conscious deliberation to reach consensus with the democraticattitude, and have a sense of social responsibility along with a strong independence.Furthermore, in the execution of counseling group interaction is not only seen from the student gave his opinion to other members, form of interaction can also be seen from the activities of a given game. Gazda (Prayitno, 2004:171) also explains that the counselling group-oriented individual development, prevention and alleviation

Thus, students are expected to find a way to resolve the problem either through his own way as well as receive input from other members of the Group and is also actively involved in solving the problems experienced by other members. Through this group counseling activities, students may also discuss the impacts that will they facebecause of the behavior of ditching that they do, so they can realize how behavior ditching they do very detrimental to himself and also to others.

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