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Are you looking for higher education institutions to get Your MBA online? Are you interested in an MBA in accounting but have no time to study full time? On this page you can explore your possibilities to get an MBA in Accounting online. (accelerated accounting degree online)

Higher education institutions around the world are very interested in preparing accounting specialist just trained. You can find the institutions of higher education in the United States, Canada or other countries where students are offered for Online Learning/Distance MBA program accounting. You can choose from several programs such as the Master of Business Administration in accounting, an MBA with a concentration in accounting and finance or another person. (accelerated accounting degree online)

Start the search for your future study now! Follow the link below which will take youto more information about specific programs. You also have the opportunity to fill the "information request form" which will put you directly in contact with the higher education institution that attracts your attention. Your future master's degree in Accounting MBA may be just a few clicks away! (accelerated accounting degree online).

Below is a brief description of the field of study of business doctoral degrees:

Accounting Management 
The research focuses on information and measurement systems to allocate resources among firms in the economy; useful and monitor the performance of the managers; formulate, implement and evaluate strategies; and understand the profitability of suppliers, products, customersdistribution channels, and business units.

The economics of the business (including financial)
Focuses on the use of economic analysis and statistical methods to deal effectively with the problems of management in the areas of business that are applied such ascapital markets, financial institutionscorporate finance, economics and experimental behavior, industrial organization and business strategy.

Management Of Health Policies
Prepare students to conduct research on issues of managerial, operationaland strategic organizations in industries facing health care.

The management
The research focuses on the theory of management and the relevant knowledge with practice management. Research themes include innovation, entrepreneurship, organizational learning, and networking.

Referring to economic theory, behavioural, psychological and administrative to research an important marketing issues based on immediate needs and future and the desire of the customer.

Organizational Behaviour
The training combines theory and methods of psychology or sociology and business administration studies with empirical research about the phenomenon of the organization.

The pursuit of multi-disciplinary research that leverages some of the quantitative methodology, as well as a qualitative-to learn how companies and industries around the world to develop and sustain a competitive advantage.

Technology & Operations Management
Research on manufacturing and services operations, including the management of the new products, process development, and technological innovation; management and operating strategy; and logistics and supply chain management.

As a scholar of progress through the curriculum, they will have the opportunity to go deeper into some discipline, depending on the interests of each. Some additionalundergraduate disciplines may want to pursue are:
 Advanced Company Finance
 The Psychology of Leadership
 Global Entrepreneurial Leadership
 Global Financial Management
 Industry and competitive analysis
 Advanced Marketing Strategies
 Strategies for Asia Pacific
 Advanced Negotiation Analysis

Degree Requirements
All doctoral candidates are required to complete a total of 80 credit hours during the 36-month academic program over ten academic quarter and maintaining 3.0 QPA. Credit hour course details are as follows:

Interdisciplinary core: 28 SKS
Domain specialization: 24 credits
DBA/Business Administration/PhD:
Cross-Domain Selection: 8 CREDITS
Research and Dissertation: 20 credits

The test of General knowledge
Students may not proceed to Dissertation program until they have passed a comprehensive Exam consists of questions from Core courses and concentration. These questions test the student's command of the theoretical and the breadth of knowledge.

Students must pass a comprehensive Exam before you continue on to the dissertation. Those who fail must wait three (3) months before trying to get past the part failed inspection. This is a chance to retake the examination should be done within two(2) years from the date of the first test.

Research and Dissertation proposal
Doctoral program application on Foundation of UPK has theoretical and practical work through the prism of empirical research and analysis. All members of the facultyhave terminal degrees in their field and experts; Therefore, work on the Core, concentration, and dissertations program is of the highest quality.

Each student will have a Committee of two members of the Dissertation Advisor which consists of a core Faculty member of UPK (principle of reader/Advisor), A Distinguished Faculty of UPK Content or Local Expert Practitioners

The following are the requirements for a dissertation:
 Dissertation topics should have regional or global international context.
 Dissertation topics must meet four requirements:
1. be original research;
2. Add new knowledge to the field;
3. focus on global issues of current interdisciplinary perspective;
4. have the components applied to advance their careers or institutions; and
5. End, Committee-approved electronic copies of your dissertation must be delivered to the Registrar prior to UPK degree can be awarded.

Program Schedule
Curriculum of 24 and 36-months we optimized for the Executive Schedule.
Cambridge Graduate University Global Campus ' 24, 36 and 48 months, Master, doctoralMaster's and doctoral degrees and Accelerated curriculum is optimized for the Executive Schedule. This schedule is subject to change. Cambridge Graduate University Global Campus ' 24, 36 and 48 months, Master, doctoralMaster's and doctoral degrees and Accelerated curriculum is optimized for the Executive Schedule. This schedule is subject to change based on regional events, immigration and curriculum and global dynamics need cohort

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