Methode Contraceptive

Jejak Pendidikan- Contraception is an attempt to prevent pregnancy. That effort can be temporary or permanent. The use of contraception is one of the variables that affect fertility.

The intent of the use of contraceptives to save mothers and children due to give birth at a young age, birth spacing is too close and gave birth on old age. It was necessary for the selection of the right type of contraception so that efeksamping does not occur to the detriment of contraception users.

The selection of the type of contraception is based on the purpose of the use of contraceptives:
  1. Postpone pregnancy. Couples with wives aged under 20 years recommendeddelaying the pregnan.
  2. distances pregnancy (regulating fertility) the time when the wife is aged 20 35 years is the best for giving birth to 2 children with a distance of pregnancy 3-4 years.
  3. the End of fertility (don't want to get pregnant again) when the age above 35 years old wife is recommended to end fertility after having two children. 1

According to Prawirohardjo (2007) contraception should meet the following conditions:
  1. secure its use and trustworthy.
  2. adverse side effects do not exist.
  3. Long work can be arranged as you wish.
  4. Do not interfere with intercourse.
  5. Do not require medical assistance or a tight control over its use.
  6. how to use simple.
  7. It's cheap in order to reach the wider community.
  8. Acceptable by the husband and wife.

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